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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need a Wi-Fi survey?

Without a survey done by an experienced Wi-Fi engineer, you risk having dead spots and performance issues with your Wi-Fi. It’s impossible to guarantee an acceptable Wi-Fi network without professional surveying with the right tools.

What survey tools do you use?

We utilize the top enterprise-level Wi-Fi survey tools: Airmagnet Survey Pro, Ekahau Site Survey, and Wi‑Spy Spectrum Analyzer with Chanalyzer.


For pre-install “AP on a stick” surveys, we also have a custom survey cart with a telescoping pole with AP and antenna mounts, and a battery pack. This allows us to quickly move the “AP on a stick” around the facility and perform the surveying quicker.

What do the heatmaps look like?

The heatmaps are the key to the surveys. They visually show the Wi-Fi signal and other performance data. We can better see and resolve any issues. Here is an example showing heatmaps before and after remediation:

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